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Complementary Healthcare

Reflexology is a positive relaxing natural complementary healthcare therapy to your general medical care.

Reflexology does not diagnose or treat specific ailments by definition, however it has proven successful for many clients by encouraging a sense of relaxation, balance and overall wellbeing. It can encourage the release of endorphins to relax, aid mood, sleep and general health for example.

Your reflexologist helps support a person through their health & wellbeing journey and in turn clients may find reflexology very beneficial and it’s very soothing and calming.  

Your qualified registered reflexologist will focus on the reflex map in the foot. Each reflex is believed to correspond with different parts of the body.

The reflexologist will use gentle manipulation on those points, to stimulate the nervous system along with massage of the feet for relaxation, using a holistic approach.

A reading of the reflexes found is then discussed after treatment.


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Reflexology also gives you the time to talk freely if you wish, it can be a big step in allowing anxieties to be aired and feelings of being listened to, in a non-judgemental, safe environment.

Very few of us take “time out” for ourselves, it is well documented and recognised that stress for example plays a large part in many health conditions, so by taking time out to rest and relax you can give your mind and body some time to relax, reset and balance itself.

Watch this video to see how reflexology can help support your health and wellbeing QIcW

Reflexology is great for everyone’s wellbeing, its relaxing, soothing & calming .

Julz specialises in supporting you with Reflexology for

*Ladies and Gent’s health & wellbeing *Ladies & Gents stress management *Hormonal teens *Women PMS *Women menopause

*Supporting you with reflexology on the Pre -conception / Fertility / IVF journey (including partners if you wish)

*Supporting you in preparation for labour reflexology * Postnatal

Who will be my Reflexologist?

Julie Millington (Julz) is a Qualified, Experienced and CNHC Registered Practitioner for Massage Therapy and Reflexology. You can check here CNHC register.  

She has had 4 pregnancies and births herself so she has plenty of life experience too.

She is a competent complementary healthcare professional, fully qualified in Reflexology and is a specialist practitioner in Reflexology for Pre conception, Pregnancy and Post Natal. She is a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and also a registered practitioner with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council CNHC which means you can be assured she abides by their strict code of practice, ethics and professional standards.

Additionally you may also be able to claim back the cost of your treatment at this practice from your private or workplace healthcare provider. Just ask for more information.

                                                   £33.00 - 50 min

          Includes short consultation, 40 min treatment, interpretation and aftercare advice





A specialist branch of Reflexology


Regular reflexology can help relax and balance the body in preparation for conception, pregnancy, labour, birth and post natal.

So you have decided to have a baby?

Great news! Maternity reflexology is a complementary healthcare therapy which can be used alongside your normal medical health care.  

You may be at the start of your exciting journey and want to give yourself the best possible chance of conception or you may be finding things are taking a little longer than you had hoped.

This specialist area of reflexology supports the client (and their partner if you choose) through their journey to encourage relaxation and we look at the person as a whole and their overall wellbeing.

Reflexology cannot claim or guarantee to achieve pregnancy, but it can help provide excellent support to relax the body and mind and regulate normal hormone production whilst preparing to conceive.

When would I attend?

It is usually advised to receive at least two treatments a month pre-ovulation and after the onset of the menstruation period (if there is a chance conception might have already occurred then no reflexology is offered until a later stage in the pregnancy - around 14 weeks).

Not forgetting your partner – Dad is equally important and its great if he would like to join the journey as reflexology of the feet can help relax and aid his wellbeing too.

How long will it take to conceive?

There are many factors involved when trying for a baby, as such your therapist will not be able to predict the length of the treatment plan, conception may occur within 6 weeks, 6 months or even up to 18 months after the start of the treatment.

As with most things in life, reflexology is no guarantee of conception; we do not treat conditions or fertility issues, however it is a positive non invasive natural therapy that you can use to encourage and assist your overall relaxation and wellbeing, and use alongside your general medical care.

You can of course choose to stop the treatment plan when ever you feel

What we do know is there has been some very positive feedback about preconception reflexology and of great help to couples trying to conceive by encouraging relaxation and wellbeing during reflexology treatments.

Please watch this video by the AOR to find out how reflexology can support you during your conception journey:  

Note: For All Pre-conception / Fertility / IVF Journey clients

Consultations: Clients in this group are required to attend a full in depth 40-50 min consultation before any treatment takes place (This takes your full history, general pre conception advice & discussion where required, and a treatment plan is discussed in full)

This is £30.00pp (or £45 for couples attending together) plus £40.00pp for your Reflexology session

Ladies you can choose to just have the consultation first with the Reflexology another day or you can choose to have the Reflexology session straight after the consultation.

Couples are usually seen together for reflexology consultation and then the reflexology treatment is held on separate occasions, however you can of course choose to be seen separately for consultation if you prefer.


How early in pregnancy can I have reflexology? 

Once conception has occurred, it is recommended to start reflexology from around 14 weeks onwards in order to give yourself and your body time to adjust to the changes.

How can reflexology in pregnancy help? 

Regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can bring calmness, relaxation, confidence and helps prepare your body for labour and birth. 

The main emphasis that reflexology is an amazingly relaxing treatment which in itself brings many rewards to mother’s overall wellbeing.

How often? Treatments can be on an as and when basis, depending on your budget and how you are feeling. Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly is fine, there is no rule.

There was a research study carried out in 1993/94 by consultant obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha.

It showed that first time pregnant mothers who had received at least 9 maternity reflexology treatments during the pregnancy

1. Had far shorter birthing times than those who did not have reflexology.

2. Their labour’s lasted on average 5-6 hours

3. They required significantly less pain relief.

To read more click the link below

Who ever you decide to choose as your therapist its is important to know that UK Law is very specific on Maternity Care.

UK law forbids anyone other than a midwife or doctor from providing maternity care, except in an emergency

Therefore therapies which are used during pregnancy must be complementary rather than an alternative to your normal medical care, so we work together to ensure you get the best possible care for you and your baby. It is important you check you have a therapist who is a registered practitioner such as with the CNHC


Can Reflexology do this?

Research has been published that shows women who have received regular reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy tend to:

- have more natural, unassisted births.

- have comparatively shorter labours.

- have faster recovery lesser risk of infections after surgery.

It cannot “bring on labour” Baby will arrive as and when it is ready, however reflexology may assist in balancing the body, creating an overall sense of balance, wellbeing and relaxation which can help encourage production of hormones and activation of labour from around 37 weeks onwards

Click here to see a study.

How often?

It’s good to plan in advance if you feel you would like to try reflexology as a way to help encourage a natural labour. A one off isolated treatment might not be enough to trigger labour, therefore a plan to receive course of specialised pre labour treatments may be a good option for you to choose.

After week 39, two treatments a week might be needed. After 40 weeks, you may be advised to a treatment every 2 or 3 days, even daily treatments if you so wished.


After the birth how soon?

As soon as you possibly can and have no medical issues. Reflexology can be an essential part of new mum's after care and has many benefits such as

Helping to restore fragile hormonal balance.

Support the client and help overall wellbeing after birth.

Help to improve sleep patterns by relaxing the person.

Encourage the recovery of energies after labour.

Encourage quicker healing.

Reflexology can also be a valuable asset for supporting you during breastfeeding, encouraging, for example, good lactation and gives some much needed time out for relaxation.

£40.00 pp


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£40.00 - 50 min

Includes 40 min treatment, interpretation and aftercare advice