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Tranquility – Calming and Soothing Aroma this is natural bath oil blended with Sandalwood, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang

Lavender – Sweet slightly heady aroma. Great for Migraine, headaches, stress. Is balancing, soothing, calming and renowned for its relaxing qualities. This very popular natural bath oil, is also an excellent skin rejuvenator and antiseptic which can be used for all skin types.

Rose – Smells absolutely delicious, elegant aroma to calm and soothe your senses. This is quality bath oil.  The Rose Absolute contained within this oil is an ingredient used in the finest of perfumes and expensive skin care products.  Has a wonderful soothing action and instil a sense of peace, happiness and comfort

   Jasmine – Has a delicious oriental aroma which will calm and uplift the senses. Relaxing sensual and romantic oil,  Jasmine     is one of the more expensive oils used in skin care preparations.


Massage in pregnancy is a complementary therapy to your normal maternity health care. It can be used to help alleviate aches, and aid the general wellbeing of a pregnant client.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, it also comes with many changes to a woman’s body, mind and soul. The benefits of massage for both mother and baby are increases relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Postural and hormonal changes happen in pregnancy, massage can be used to release muscular tension in the upper back, shoulders, hips and lower back to help alleviate pain, discomfort of sciatica and conditions such as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) this is the name given to area where two pelvic bones meet, the pregnancy hormone relaxin can soften the ligaments too much which allows the pelvis to open and move and can cause mild to severe pain.

Pregnancy massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, undertaken mainly on your side. There are lovely cosy cushions and extra special care  and support during your journey.

Designed for expectant mums from 12 weeks onwards to overdue.  

Who ever you decide to choose as your therapist its is important to know  that UK Law  is very specific on Maternity Care.

UK law forbids anyone other than a midwife or doctor from providing maternity care, except in an emergency

Therefore therapies which are used during pregnancy must be complementary rather than an alternative to your normal medical care, so we work together to ensure you get the best possible care for you and your baby. It is important you check you have a therapist who is a registered practitioner such as with the CNHC

More useful maternity information here

Who will do my massage?

Julie Millington (Julz) is a Qualified, Experienced and CNHC Registered Practitioner for Massage Therapy and Reflexology. You can check  here CNHC register.

She is a competent complementary healthcare professional, fully qualified and a specialist practitioner in pregnancy and abdominal massage for expectant mothers. She is a full member of the MFHT, AOR and registered with the CNHC which means you can be assured she abides by their strict code of ethics and professional standards.

She has had 4 pregnancies and births herself so she has plenty of life experience too.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

For most women it is perfectly fine and safe for them and baby to have massage in pregnancy, however as with all massage there are a few exceptions that may affect whether we need to adjust treatment or if you need to be referred to the GP. Things like pre-eclampsia for example.

A consultation form is always carried out and records kept on a treatment plan.

Do I need to ask my GP or Midwife if I can have a massage whilst pregnant?

It’s a good idea to ask your Midwife or GP before you book a pregnancy massage for reassurance it’s fine for you to have a massage by a qualified registered therapist. A form is sometimes given to you by your therapist if there are any medical concerns, to gain consent in certain situations or if you are classed as low risk you can sign the form yourself. Julz will explain all this to you, no need to worry.

Can I have massage before 12 weeks of pregnancy?

There is no evidence to suggest that massage has any adverse effects before 12 weeks, many miscarriages occur naturally during this time. Practitioners are advised not to massage in any known pregnancy before 12 weeks.

I didn’t know  I was pregnant and had a massage before 12 weeks is that ok?

Yes it is not uncommon for women to have massage as they were unaware they were pregnant, they carry on doing all the things they normally do, like drinking, smoking, exercising and carry on to have normal healthy pregnancies.

Can I have massage in late pregnancy or if I’m over due?

As long as You, your midwife or GP are happy - Absolutely yes….. its great to have soothing massage and can help with labour too.

Do I have to lay on my tummy?

No. You lay mainly on your side and back for a short time. The whole body is massaged, back, arms, legs, face and if you are comfortable - your abdomen. (Research shows that feel good endorphins released by mother during massage can be passed to baby so he/she can benefit too). You can choose to have just your back massaged rather than whole body if you prefer its all flexible.

Do I have to have massage every week?

No you can attend as little or as often as you like. If you just want a one off massage that’s fine too.

Can I have massage after baby is born?

Your body is adjusting after the birth of baby and its an important time for you and baby to bond. You can in theory have massage if you and your medical care provider are happy however It is recommended to wait 6 weeks after the birth before having massage again. If there are no medical concerns then a light massage is usually fine.


Any other question’s  contact me its free to ask :-)

£45 - 50 min therapeutic

Lighter  relaxing massage to the Back, Shoulders, Legs, Feet, Hands, Scalp, tummy optional

£35 - 30 min back neck shoulder

Most popular medium massage treatment, targeting the back, shoulder & neck muscle area’s

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